EngineeringUK to launch climate schools programme

EngineeringUK has announced it is launching a new pilot programme for schools.

It has been designed to help students explore solutions to tackling climate change and discover how engineers and engineering and technology are a key part of this. 

EngineeringUK says to overcome the fact that engineering doesn’t feature highly on school curriculums, the pilot programme will test an all-school, cross-curricular approach. 

Teacher-led science, geography and English lessons are on offer that not only align with each nation’s curriculum but also inspire students to explore green engineering careers and tackle climate change head-on. 

There are also climate action theme packs available that support existing extra-curricular clubs or new Climate Action Clubs. 

Maddie Dinwoodie, director of engagement programmes at EngineeringUK, said: “We want to drive change so that more young people, from all backgrounds, choose engineering and technology careers. 

“We know young people are interested in and motivated by environmental sustainability, but there is little focus on its connection with engineering in schools. 

“So, we’ve developed a programme that aims to help to increase awareness and interest in engineering and tech, and the vital role they play in tackling climate change, in a way that will appeal to busy teachers and align with school curriculums. 

“We will provide teachers with the resources, knowledge and confidence to address this modern issue with students, stimulate interest and debate, and communicate a solutions-focused message of ‘we can do this!’.” 

The programme resources will bring real-world examples into the classroom of work that engineers and technologists are already doing to tackle climate change, helping to reduce young people’s anxiety around this issue. 

Through taking part, students will develop skills such as teamwork, problem solving and communication – all vital to future employability. 

The Climate Schools Programme will initially run as a pilot from January to July 2024. 

During this time the programme model will be tested to understand the feasibility of a teacher-led programme that aims to link climate education across the curriculum and will be iterated to respond to need. 

Schools can register their interest to take part from January 2024, or September 2024.

Click here for more information about the Climate Schools Programme. 

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